Friday, February 11, 2011

Pandora Saga - Verdict

After further consideration and having played this game for the better part of the day, I have come to the realization that Pandora Saga is in fact a terrible game.

The movement speed up until level 20 is way too slow and most of the game will be spent running from point A to point B. When the game is comprised of 75% walking, this does not make the game difficult or challenging or fun, especially without an auto-walking feature. This factor is far less obvious in the early stages of the game because as you progress the quests get further and further away and require ridiculous walk times.

The combat leaves much to be desired, as most of the time you will be sitting there and auto-attacking, sometimes for up to a minute. There are a few skills, which do barely any more damage than auto-attacking. These require a large chunk of your mana if you are not a caster and potions are so expensive that purchasing them is not an option. You are therefore forced into sitting around to regenerate some mana and life points.

All in all, this game is about waiting. Walk over to a certain spot, kill 1 monster, sit down (x10), walk back to hand in the quest. There's nothing exciting or new to this game and Atlus has even failed to make the grinding fun in this game! The little PVP I got to do did little to help me maintin my interest in this game and after being forced to go back to PVE, I exitted in disgust and uninstalled.

Do not play this game unless you are a masochist and are willing to waste untold hours grinding boring, repetitive quests before the game becomes remotely interesting. This is an example of very poor game design. You do not want to make a game boring at first and then fun after wasting 8 hours of your time, it must be fun the entire way through.

Graphics - 6/10
Gameplay - 2/10

Overall Score - 4/10


  1. Maybe you should review some bigger MMOs like RoM, Eve or World of Tanks (my recommandation)!

  2. I'm currently trying to focus on the newer MMO's, I've actually played all of those in the past. Thanks for the advice though, might help my blog get off the ground!

  3. you should review Global Agenda. although it's not technically an MMO, it is an increasingly popular RPG shooter.

  4. The next one I'm doing is Faxion Online and then Bloodline Champions, keep the suggestions coming because I take them all into consideration.

  5. I have to agree with most of what you said, the graphics don't look impressive at all. The gameplay seems extremely bland.

  6. Take a look at miner wars, might make a good review.